Association For Young Children Europe - Constitution



  • Section 1:  The association will be know as the Association for Young Children, Europe (AYCE).  AYCE is an affiliate group of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), 1313 L St. NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20005.
  • Section 2: The purpose of AYCE shall be:
    a.  To advocate for, to serve, and to act on behalf of the needs, rights, and well-being of all young children with special emphasis on educational and developmental services and resources; and
    b.  To foster the professional growth of adults working on behalf of young children, especially between the ages of birth through eight years.
  • Section 3:  The activities of AYCE shall include, but not be limited to:
    a.  Conducting at least one conference per year for members and guests to further the basic purposes of the organization.
    b.  Providing information for early childhood professionals.



  • Section 1:  Approval for AYCE to operate shall be granted by the Commanding General, United States Army Europe and Seventh Army, AEAGA-G, as a command-wide private organization under the criteria established by AER 210-22.
  • Section 2:  This organization is established according to DODI 1000.15 and AER 210-22.
  • Section 3:  This organization is not an instrumentality of the United States, will be self-sustaining, and may not receive financial assistance from the U.S. Army or nonappropriated funds.  This organization will not in any way duplicate or compete with a nonappropriated fund instrumentality operation or appropriated fund Government function.  The Director of IMCOM-Europe or the Installation Commander may revoke permission to operate on the installation at any time.
  • Section 4:  Neither the installation, IMCOM-Europe, Department of the Army, or any other Government organization will assume any responsibility for this organization's debts.  Use of government buildings and support services will be minimal since organizational business will be conducted after normal business hours by volunteers.  However, the organization will reimburse the Army for utility or other expenses if requested.
  • Section 5:  This organization shall maintain accountability of assets through monthly financial reports to the Governing board and annual audits.  The Treasurer shall maintain records in accordance with standard accounting procedures.  This organization shall maintain the following insurance coverage: $25,000 Theft/Larceny and $5000 Fidelity (bonding) for each Officer.
  • Section 6:  Members, according to host nation laws, may be personally liable to creditors if the assets of the organization are insufficient to discharge liabilities.  All State and jurisdictional laws must be met with regard to debt and liability.
  • Section 7:  This organization does not discriminate in membership on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or mental or physical handicap.  AYCE will neither accept invitations from nor participate in any activities of an organization that does not conform to USAREUR policy or that discriminates on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, mental or physical handicap.  AYCE will in no way seek to deprive individuals of their civil rights.
  • Section 8:  This organization will not propagate extremist activities or advocate violence against others or the violent overthrow of the Government.



  • Section 1:  Membership is open to anyone interested in the growth and development of young children.  Membership may be no more than ten percent non-U.S. Forces personnel.
  • Section 2:  All memberships will be held in the name of the individual wishing to join the organization.  Regular and comprehensive membership in AYCE includes membership in NAEYC.  Regular and comprehensive affiliate membership may be initiated at any time during the year by completing a membership application and paying annual dues.   All memberships automatically expire at the end of one year unless the member selects a three-year membership, in which case the membership expires automatically at the end of three years.  Members wishing to continue membership must submit a renewal application and paying appropriate dues.
  • Section 3:  Membership is automatically terminated at the end of the membership year.  Any member may voluntarily terminate his/her AYCE membership by notifying the Vice President for Membership in writing.  Members voluntarily terminating membership from the organization are not entitled to any rebate of dues.  The organization may not terminate a membership.
  • Section 4:  Guests may attend conferences and other activities but may not participate in voting or business meetings.



  • Section 1:  The Governing Board consists of an Executive Board and the Committee Chairs.  Each Executive Board member and each Committee Chair has voting privileges.
  • Section 2:  The Executive Board will be composed of the following:  President, Vice President for Conferences, Vice President for Membership, Secretary, Treasurer and Past President.
  • Section 3:  Committee Chairs, who serve on the Governing Board, may include, but are not limited to Scholarship and Nominating.  The Past President will chair the Nominating Committee.  Other committees are appointed at the discretion of the Board.



  • Section 1:  The officers of the Association will be the President, Vice President for Conferences, Vice President for Membership, Secretary, Treasurer and Past President.
  • Section 2:  A slate of officers will be compiled by the Nominating Committee and elections will be held no later than 30 June of the election year.  Officers shall be elected by a simple majority of the returned ballots.  Elected officers will assume duties no later than 30 September of the election year.  The outgoing officers will remain in an advisory capacity through 30 March of the following year or the next conference, whichever occurs first.
  • Section 3:  Officers must hold full active membership in AYCE.
  • Section 4:  The following officers will be elected in even-numbered years and serve two-year terms:  President, Vice President for Conferences, Vice President for Membership, Secretary and Treasurer.  Upon termination of the President's term, the President will serve for two years as Past President.



  • Section 1:  Elections of officers shall take place as outlined in Article 5 Section 4 of the AYCE Constitution.  Election results will be announced on the AYCE website and at the conference.
  • Section 2:  A vacancy of any office may be filled by Governing Board appointment.  The appointee will serve the remainder of the term.  Exception is the Presidency, in which case the Vice President for Conferences assumes the office for the remainder of the term.
  • Section 3:  The Past President is the Nominating Committee Chair and shall appoint members of the committee.
  • Section 4:  The names of the nominees for elected office shall be made available to the membership prior to the election.



  • Section 1:  Dissolution of the organization may be accomplished by a majority of the members or by order of the approval authority.  Upon dissolution of the organization, all fund and properties remaining after payment of all liabilities of the organization shall be donated to the United Nations Children's Emergency Fund.



  • Section 1:  A review of the Constitution and By-Laws shall be made annually by the Governing Board.  In addition, any member of AYCE may request a review of any part of the Constitution by requesting same in writing to the Secretary.  Any recommendation for change, as decided by the Governing Board, will be presented to the membership for approval.
  • Section 2:  The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended at any time during the year by two thirds vote of members present at a meeting, providing a quorum of 20% of the membership is present, or by two thirds approval of members who respond to a special mailing to all members.  Amendments will be sent to the appropriate authorities.



MAY 2014 - MAY 2015



  • Section 1: The President shall preside at all meetings of the association and all meeting of the Executive Board and Governing Board.  The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the organization.
  • Section 2:  The Vice President for Conferences shall assist the President in the execution of his/her duties and shall act in the absence of the President.  He/she will serve as Conference Chair.
  • Section 3:  The Vice President for Membership shall serve as the membership chair and will be responsible for all aspects of membership to include membership benefits.
  • Section 4:  The Secretary shall keep a record of the meetings of the Association and of the Executive and Governing Boards.
  • Section 5:  The Treasurer shall follow NAEYC cash control procedures, receive monies due the organization, and pay money on behalf of the organization.
  • Section 6:  The Past President shall provide continuity, experience, and shall serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee.



Section 1:  The duties of the Governing Board shall be:

        a.  Conduct the business of the organization.

        b.  Define and make new policies and procedures for the organization.

        c.  Manage and administer the affairs and property of the organization.

        d.  Submit annual required affiliation data and fees to the NAEYC membership office.

        e.  Direct the Treasurer to insure that an annual audit is conducted by a qualified, disinterested individual.

        f.  Send copies of the minutes and approved financial statements to the appropriate authorities as required.



  • Section 1:  AYCE will implement the accounting procedures as outlined in AER 210-22 on Department of the Army installations to record the assets, liabilities, net worth, and financial transactions of the organization.
  • Section 2:  Expenditures will be limited to those required to support the activities of the organization to include conferences, Week of the Young Child, national conferences, and operating expenses of the Governing Board as outlined in the annual budget.
  • Section 3:  AYCE will follow the guidelines established by NAEYC for the determination of affiliate dues.
  • Section 4:  The Governing Board will determine the registration fees for attending AYCE conferences.
  • Section 5:  An audit will be conducted annually and upon change of Treasurer.  An outside qualified auditor will conduct the audit.  A copy of the audit will be forwarded to the approval authority.
  • Section 6:  The Treasurer will submit financial reports to the Governing Board to include the assets, liabilities, net worth and financial transactions of the organization.
  • Section 7:  The Treasurer and President will have access to cash on hand, cash in the bank and will be covered by Fidelity Insurance, procured at the expense of the organization, in an amount to provide full protection of assets.  Liability insurance will not be maintained.
  • Section 8:  Expenditures for each committee will be outlined in the annual budget and will be based on the financial status of the organization.



  • Section 1:  The President will appoint Committee Chairs with the approval of the Governing Board.  Each Committee Chair will serve a one-year term.
  • Section 2:  A Committee Chair vacancy will be filled by appointment by the President with the approval of the Governing Board.
  • Section 3:  The duties of each Committee Chair will be outlined in the AYCE policies and procedures manual.



  • Section 1:  There shall be no less than one membership meeting annually.  Members may attend Governing Board meetings.
  • Section 2:  The Executive Board shall meet a minimum of four times per year.  The Governing Board shall meet a minimum of four times per year.  The President may also call for a meeting of the Executive and/or Governing Board.  A quorum of two thirds must be present at Executive and Governing Board meetings to conduct organizational business.  At the conclusion of each meeting a time and place will be selected for the next meeting.  Meetings shall follow Robert's Rules of Order.  The President shall send notices to Board members prior to each meeting, including a copy of the minutes of the last Governing Board meeting. A copy of the minutes and approved financial statements will be sent to the approving authority when required.




Jessica Terrell - PRESIDENT


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